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Demonstration short movie  8Mo .wmv

A trainee's website with indeed some pictures about his formation

Stage en Baie du Mt St Michel

Dans nos montagnes

 Dans nos vallées

Il fait beau à 3000 on top... Venez vite nous rejoindre. with Sylvain MOISSERON
Palmarès Twice World Champions

Vice-French Champion

Bronze Korea 2009


Fédéréation Française de planeur ultra léger motorisé approved by the french microlight Fédération (FFPLUM) n°73/03

You will learn in "First Class" to claim of your Microlight PPG Flying Licence

The school want the best for both of you and your instructor. It will be the right way for maximum safety & pleasure.

You will do it well and indeed for a long time

 That's why it's called :

icons/greenarrow.jpg (4983 octets) Stage "First Class"

The formula's favour:

Include :
  • Practical courses
  • Free materials' mending
  • Theorical courses
  • Learning books
  • Continu evaluation
  • Shuttle during navigation
  • Administration fees
  • Insurance
  • 1 flight by plane
Not Include
Entry level Duration Price in €
Never flew 10 half-day 1500
Holding another flying licence (paragliding, microlight, plane or glider) 7 h.d. 1050
Paragliding competitor  5 h.d. 750
Paragliding  Instructor 3 h.d. 450


We also offer to learn to fly on a half-daily rate. 150 € per 3 hours.

Renting by day

   Canopy solo or tandem  29.5 €

   ● Harness, rescue parachute, radio ou altivario  8 €

   ● PPG kit  75 €

Information about the French reglementation:

You must have your microlight licence to fly in France

Componed of three differents parts

  1. Practical:¨be able of lonely safety flight

  2. Common Theorical Microlight part: Fill in a questionnaire from the Civil Aviation Ministry also avalaible to the other microlight classes

  3. Specifical Theorical PPG part: Tested by your own Instructor





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